Don't feed the ducks.

everywhere. still OK to feed the swans.

think the driver behind the bylaw is that they're becoming a nuisance and feeding them interrupts their migration, said David St. Louis, director of community services.

The community services committee approved a recommendation to amend the of wildlife bylaw Monday night to include ducks. A Canada goose management program was passed earlier this year.

A local resident who was feeding the waterfowl by the river earlier this week said he does it regularly and he gets a lot of joy out of feeding them. But he'll stop if it contravenes any bylaws.

"You're actually disrupting their natural inclination to fly south, so if you feed them into the winter they're going to stay and you lose a lot of those ducks to the climate," she said. "I think those people who think they're doing something kind for the birds would be surprised to find that really what they're doing is interrupting what wildlife should be doing. Comments online ranged from to quackers to suggestions the city might as well fill the Avon River in with cement.

100 bill if you feed the ducks

don't think it's a question I can answer. They're wildlife, St. Louis said.

The duck population has grown and as a result the waterfowl disrupts traffic by sitting on Lakeside Dr. and they defecate all over the sidewalks, he said.

Of course, once there's corn on the ground geese and ducks come running too.

common sense will prevail, St. Louis said. not going to fine people for incidental feeding of other animals. fine for feeding the ducks is $100. However, city staff will focus on educating the Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka White Singapore Store Locator public before handing out tickets.

Vassilakos defended the bylaw online with links to environmental and expert websites but the majority of posters continued to express their displeasure and argue the bylaw is silly or unnecessary.

He is concerned about what will happen in the winter if the ducks don't leave and access to food is scarce.

Coun. Bonnie Henderson also went online to explain the reasoning for the bylaw. She said there are so many ducks and geese people are having trouble walking along sections of the river. She added the city had to buy another street cleaner and dedicate staff members to cleaning up feces everyday.

Signs will be erected in six locations around the river to alert residents and tourists to the bylaw in about a month. Educational material will be available at the tourist information centre and staff patrolling the parks will have brochures to distribute as well.

At Monday's meeting Coun. Kathy Vassilakos supported the bylaw and said feeding the ducks does more harm than good.

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