And Bay Coun. Mark Taylor, whose community and protective services committee oversees the museums, wasn't convinced either.

"As part of your visit, stop at the General Store, the one room schoolhouse and see some of our antique vehicles at the unique village garage. Observe some of the traditional trades that ushered in industrialization and see what effect popular culture had on rural life. Families will have fun riding on the tractor pulled wagon ride and visiting the farm animals," the website says.

Apparently the city spent $118,331 for "professional services" to plan for a Bike to Work Month and Sustainable Transportation Week.

The Sorry! game was invented in the 1930s.

So there it is.

And once every three months, the same question has to be asked.

Quite the stretch of its mandate, no?

"But certainly, $20,000 seems excessive."

The expenditure is revealed in the most recent quarterly report.

Anyway you add it up, taxpayers must be game loving fanatics.

And every three months it's the same thing. long lists of details on spending many of which, at first blush appear to be an absolute waste of our money.

"I do know Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Spirit Singapore Outlets the museum has been taking an aggressive approach to encourage visitors. It's a jewel in the city, but an unknown jewel," said Blais.

Who at the city is treating our tax dollars as if it's their own?

Once every three months, the city releases a quarterly report detailing city spending approved by staff without direct approval from council.

Rideau Goulbourn Coun. Scott Moffatt said he hadn't heard about the game board but had to admit it seemed like a whole lot of money.

And there's the rub.

Don't worry, the $21,920 included delivery."It does seem like an excessive expenditure for a giant board game," said Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais.

He's not alone.

Your kingdom for a contract with the city, who needs the lottery?

21Gs for giant board game among the many wasteful city expenditures

The museum has a $1.3 million budget, of which $60,000 comes from the province.

Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Spirit Singapore Outlets

"I'm not personally sold on this having been the best choice of attraction," he said.