Apple's new operating system, iOS 10, ushers in a major overhaul to its messaging, music, photo and maps apps, ahead of the release of Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Black Singapore the iPhone 7 later this week.

The update includes several new uses for the 3D Touch feature, which was introduced with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models.

Apple appears focused on making its emojis more inclusive in the iOS 10 update, with more than 100 new icons that include alternate gender versions of existing emojis. That means there will be female runners, police officers and construction workers available for use. Several emojis that were previously female only, such as the haircut and the bunny dancers, will also have male versions introduced.

The last major Apple Music update made it difficult to find the songs stored on your phone, but that issue is expected to be fixed in iOS 10. Users will no longer have to navigate past Apple Music to find their favourite songs, as the Library category will be featured much more prominently.

Apple is also toning down one of its more violent emojis, the revolver, by replacing it with a green squirt gun.

6. A flashier (or less flashy) flashlight

Apple has also introduced a few other handy features, including the option to display song lyrics during playback. Another feature will allow users to specify how much space they want music to occupy on the phone, with Apple automatically removing songs that haven't been played in a long time.

10 things to know about Apple's iOS 10 update

The update is approximately 1.1 gigabytes in size, so users may have to clear some space on their devices before installing. It's also advisable to back up any devices before updating, just in case of an issue.

The new iOS will make it possible to dial back the often spotlight bright intensity of the phone's flashlight, so it won't be as blinding in certain situations. The functionality will operate through the 3D Touch interface, meaning only iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 users will be able to take advantage of it.

Here's what iPhone owners can expect to find when they install the update.

The new operating system will run on all iPhone 5 and 6 models, as well as the iPhone SE, although the older iPhone 5 models may experience some processing issues with the new software. The update is also available for the iPad (4th generation), iPad Air (generations 1 and 2), both iPad Pro models and the iPad mini 2, 3 and 4. The sixth generation iPod Touch will also run the new OS.

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