To help smaller birds, Oakley advises purchasing another feeder with a cage around it that prevents larger birds like jays from getting in.

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Ready for his close up: blue jays are loud, smart and very good at mimicking the calls of other birds. (Submitted by Dwaine Oakley )

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If you watch carefully you will notice this at your own feeder.

9 things to know about blue jays

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They are very forward when it comes to Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Tan Singapore Outlets backyard feeders, driving away most other smaller birds for a short period of time, Oakley said. photographer Paul Gauthier calls this one 'doing what they do best' hogging the feeder! (Submitted by Paul Gauthier)

The jay became the provincial bird back in 1977 after a province wide vote.

"But even between blue jays there is a pecking order as to who gets to gather food first," he said.

2. They mix in a little travel

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1. They are pushy