Some animals can sense quakes because of the gasses, I am presuming. Insects. for example, can sense the coming of storms and earthquakes, especially ants and bees. My grandfather told me that if I suddenly noticed lots of ants scurrying around, to expect a shake. He lived in California for many years. I don't know if this can be scientifically proven.

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Associated Press:Fossils have long provided snapshots of the human family tree, but a new find in Africa gives scientists a kind of mini home movie showing man's primal development.

The species, Australopithecus anamensis is not new, but its location is what helps explain the giant leap from one early phase of human like development to the next, scientists say. All eight species were found in a region called the Middle Awash.

Initial analyses of the tremors indicate they originated near Cholame, California, where non volcanic tremors have been previously observed. The tremors may be analogous to those in the Pacific Northwest, or might be related to other deep seated processes at the base of the brittle crust where large earthquakes initiate. In the Cascadia Subduction Zone, tremors are associated with the slow slip of the Juan de Fuca plate as it submerges beneath the North American plate.

Because the 4.2 million year old fossil is from the same human ancestral hot spot in Ethiopia as remains from seven other human like species, scientists can now fill in the gaps for the most complete evolutionary chain so far. "One form evolved to another. This is evidence of evolution in one place through time."

The record of three major quakes recorded at the Parkfield San Andreas zone show a remarkable mirror image each event has made. Same exact shape, each time. This is just one of many mysteries of the San Andreas.

Tremors are sustained vibrations within the Earth. Unlike the sharp jolt of an earthquake, tremors emerge slowly, rumbling for longer periods of time. They are commonly associated with volcanic activity, with the tremors produced by magma moving in cracks or other conduits beneath the volcano.

Courtesy of the USGS "Our first indication of entering the fault zone was a modest increase in drilling rate starting at about 2:30," according to the project's online daily log. The shift marked entry into a less rigid area of rock.

Sensors also picked up increases in radon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, all signs that the fault zone had been penetrated.

100th Anniversary of Great SF Quake

As this drawing shows, the entire San Andreas doesn't slip all at once. The Great Quake was unusually long as well as fast moving, the energy from the break unzippering nearly 100 miles of it moving at 8,500 mph. This is tremendous energy which was dwarfed by the energy shot out of the recent earthquake in Indonesia which was whole magnitudes worse.

The San Andreas Fault tremors, however, are not from volcanic activity. They Discount Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Navy Singapore were recorded next to the San Andreas Fault in the main EarthScope SAFOD borehole by the 80 level Paulsson Array, which was provided free of charge by Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc. The 3 terabytes of data are available through the EarthScope website. The data were recorded last year and show not only the tremors sweeping across the array, but also reflections and directionality.