No. 7 Have you heard of the "Snack Pack" program a seat of the pants effort that was born at East Brainerd Church of Christ where a bunch of "blue bags," each carrying 10 food items, was made available to the school principal and guidance counselors to give at their discretion?

No. 26 If, after just two years, the "blue bag" program has gone from Red Bank High to 10 schools, how long do you think it will be before Chattanoogans can handle all 79 schools in the district?

No. 13 You do realize, of course, that childhood hunger is non denominational, right, and that other churches can gladly join in the "blue bag" offering?

No. 17 Who would have ever thought as many poor kids would immediately hide their "blue bags" because they are stolen by the others where they sleep?

No. 11 What would your company do Canada Goose Buy Canada Goose Women Singapore if its leadership learned that three other schools were turned down this school year due to lack of funds? ($1,000 buys 500 fully stuffed "blue bags")

No. 14 Can you imagine a first grader already hungry again with a "blue bag" trying to figure out by herself how to "budget" her 10 pieces of food so it will last through Sunday night?

No. 5 After Justin Robertson, who at the time was principal at Red Bank High, remarked one Sunday morning in church two years ago that there were kids at his school who had no choice but to go without food on the weekends, does it matter that there was a head strong woman who was listening and decided to do something about it?

No. 22 How about if I said that once these kids eat on Monday, the rest of the day is wild due to the "sugar high" that comes after intense hunger?

No. 2 Can you get your arms around the fact that a huge percentage of those 8,400 children get little, if nothing, to eat from Friday at lunch until they return to our schools on Monday?

No. 21 Would you believe it if I told you some of the very top teachers in Chattanooga say it is really hard to teach a hungry child?

No. 15 Can you imagine the decision a child must make when his other brothers and sisters are also hungry and have no "blue bag?"

No. 10 Can you grasp the fact that in just two years the "Snack Pack" idea has been so successful it has silently crept into Brown Middle, Hunter Middle, Apison Elementary, East Brainerd Elementary, Harrison Elementary, Wolftever Elementary, CSLA, Girls Leadership Academy, and Eastside Elementary from its humble start at Red Bank?

No. 18 Did you know each child gets a new toothbrush in the "blue bag" twice a year, and that there is room for a bar of soap, a piece of candy, and other things we take for granted if only they could find sources?

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No. 19 How do you feel about a Christmas edition "blue bag" that may include a book, a toy, or another gift?

No. 24 Do you know any retired men and women who could deliver "blue bags" to the schools, pick up donations from donors, write thank you notes for gifts the program receives, or other stuff like that?

No. 6 Did you know that woman was his mother, Janice, the great Realtor?

No. 12 Did you know that just last night, as the new school year begins, volunteers packed 2,250 "blue bags" (4 week supply) with 22,500 food items at the East Brainerd Church of Christ?

No. 23 Do you realize if you helped pack "blue bags" once a month, the cost of giving yourself towards the betterment of a child is virtually nothing, outside the gas for your car?

No. 20 Do you know anyone in the food business who might donate items that aren't easily perishable to the "blue bag" program through the Chattanooga Food Bank? Just think of what we could put in those bags!

No. 4 Are you aware that if we hold our mouths right and pray in earnest, Hamilton County could almost immediately be among the top places in the United States where we allow no hungry child to slip through the cracks, this evidenced by our marvelous philanthropy and our love for one other?

40 Questions About 'Blue Bags'

No. 28 How about a crowd in Alabama that could copy what is being done in Chattanooga because they have hungry kids on weekends, too?

No. 1 Did you know that one in every five of the 42,000 children in the Hamilton County school district is what the experts call "food deprived?"

No. 16 Do you think some adults might steal the "blue bags" to sell so they can buy beer, dope, or reefer?

No. 27 Do you know of any church, civic group, or collection of citizens who could start a North Georgia branch of the "blue bag" group? Janice will gladly share all she knows.

No. 8 The church was so thrilled by the stewardship that $12,000 is now included in the Deacon's Budget yet did you know there are no salaries paid?

No. 29 Is there someone smart and savvy and with a heart bigger than the Chickamauga Dam who can figure an easy and simple way to feed these kids in the summer?

No. 9 Do you know of a group of officer workers, or a nursing staff, or a softball team, or square dance club, or neighborhood supper club, that could volunteer one night a month (2 to 3 hours) to help stuff the "blue bags?"

No. 25 In your lifetime, can you remember the name of anyone who can write very valid grant requests to present to philanthropic foundations on the behalf of "blue bag" kids?